AquaShip announces innovative new vessel

Published: 28.05.2021 kl. 13.20
The Aqua Caledonia
The Aqua Caledonia

AquaShip AS has a new Utility vessel under construction, the Aqua Caledonia, which will be the first of its kind in the world. The brand new, purpose-built vessel features state-of-the-art technology and innovations, with multi-purpose live fish handling abilities with capacity of 1,500 m3, and a dedicated deck allowing instant on-site fish harvesting.

Utility vessels saves meals; When sea farmers experience unexpected biological challenges within their biomass, AquaShips utility vessels are able to operate as high standard harvest vessels with unparalleled harvest-storing capacity. Instead of ending up as waste or ensilage, biomass can be harvested while quality still is good and be prepared for processing to food landside.

The harvest equipment is made inhouse by AquaShip and is well proven as we have harvested around 40 % of the fish that have been harvested in the UK in the last years.

The vessel will also be able to handle the daily harvesting for the customer, where we can slaughter directly at the cages, or we can load live fish, then go with closed circulation with cooling and slaughter directly at the pier. This is to ensure the best possible fish welfare and get the fish as fresh as possible to the customer.

The ship will have a capacity of onto 1,000 tonnes of harvested fish and will be used for the transferring of smolts, grading, transport of live salmon and harvesting of salmon at sea. Aqua Caledonia will be able to perform freshwater treatment and reuse the fresh water several times. The multi-purpose nature of the vessel will increase operational efficiency, supporting the clients plans for long-term responsible growth.

Aquaship will supply the new vessel. With delivery expected in 2nd half of 2021, the 1,500m3 vessel will be used at sites across the west coast of Scotland. The vessel is currently under construction at Balenciaga Shipyard in Spain and was launched the 12th of May.

The name Aqua Caledonia was chosen as a tribute to the beautiful country of Scotland.


  • AquaShip is a result of a merger between GripShip (N) and Johnson Marine (UK), with the subsequent acquisition of Artic Shipping (N) in October 2018 (AquaShip Feedtrans), and the acquisition of Salmon Star & Gerda Sæle (N) in October 2019.
  • AquaShip operates vessels within all five major maritime aqua-service segments; 1) live-fish-carriers, 2) harvest vessels, 3) service vessels, 4) fish feed carriers and 5) utility vessels.
  • Strong geographical diversification, with vessels and operations in Chile, Scotland/Orkney/Shetland, Norway, Ireland, Iceland and Canada.
  • Serves the world’s largest salmon farmers on long-term contracts, with a substantial part of the fleet tailor-made to clients’ preferences.
  • HQ in Kristiansund (N), with offices in Førde, Shetland, Chile and Canada.

John Inge Vikan