Brunvoll propulsion on the opposite side of the globe

Published: 05.10.2023 kl. 10.38 | Updated: 05.10.2023 kl. 11.39
Green Ships ePSV m82
Green Ships ePSV m82
Båtbygg AS has placed an order with Brunvoll for a complete propulsion and manoeuvring solution for Austral Fisheries new longline fishing vessel. The vessel is designed by Marin Teknikk AS for operation in the Antarctic Ocean, surrounded by some of the world’s harshest weather conditions.

The new vessel named “Austral Odyssey” will have a length of 70 meters and a breadth of 14.6 meters. The propulsion and manoeuvring solutions chosen for this vessel consists of a shaft line propeller with a 2-speed gearbox with power take-off (PTO) and power take-in (PTI). The vessel will also feature a tunnel thruster in the aft and retractable combi azimuth thruster in the bow. Brunvoll will also deliver frequency co
nverters and starters. All the components will be tied together with Brunvoll’s own propulsion and thruster control system, BruCon PTC. This combination will make up a reliable and efficient solution for operating far from land in area called “The Roaring Forties og The Furious Fifties”.

We asked Thomas Gjerde, Sales Manager at Marin Teknikk, why this solution from Brunvoll was chosen: “Based on the operational profile, simple as that. The vessel has a very variable operational profile with a lot of transit, fishing operations at low speed, and waiting due to rough weather. The 2-speed gearbox together with the variable speed generator allows for running the controllable pitch propeller at a lower rotational speed with an ideal pitch angle during low-speed operations. This results in a higher propeller efficiency, lower fuel consumption, and reduced emissions. Together with the retractable azimuth combi thruster, it will make a flexible, efficient, and redundant vessel.”

Austral Fisheries owns and operates one of Australia’s largest fleets of fishing vessels. The fleet consists of 18 vessels with different areas of operation and catch. From toothfish in the south, to prawns and tropical reef fish in the north.

 Austral Fisheries took delivery of the fishing vessel MS “Cape Arkona” from Båtbygg AS in 2020, which also features a complete propulsion and maneuvering solution from Brunvoll.

  • Brunvoll is a part of Brunvoll Holding AS and is a leading maritime system supplier. 
  • The group has extensive experience in the development, in-house production, and service of propulsion, positioning, and manoeuvring systems for advanced ocean-going vessels. 
  • Brunvoll is a Norwegian family-owned company with a high export share and excellent financial stability. 
  • The group is experiencing strong growth and achieved a turnover of approximately 1.2 billion NOK in 2022.
  • The company was established in 1912 and has over 500 employees in Norway, located in Molde, Volda, Ålesund, Porsgrunn, and Dalen.
  •  Brunvoll is represented through a sales and service network in over 20 countries worldwide. 
  • Brunvoll's vision is "Trusted World Wide," and their values are to be responsible, reliable, and committed.  

John Inge Vikan


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