Brunvoll repeat for Nexans at Ulstein

Published: 17.10.2023 kl. 10.01
The delivery of three AUP115 azimuth propulsion thrusters for the previous vessel, MS “Nexans Aurora”. Foto: Brunvoll AS
The delivery of three AUP115 azimuth propulsion thrusters for the previous vessel, MS “Nexans Aurora”. Foto: Brunvoll AS
Nexans Marine Operations AS has returned to Ulstein Verft AS to build a new and updated version of the DP3 cable laying vessel MS “Nexans Aurora”. The new vessel will share the same comprehensive propulsion and maneuvering package from Brunvoll.

Brunvoll’s delivery for the new cable laying vessel will share the same specification as the previous delivery, consisting of three azimuth propulsion units, two tunnel thrusters, and a retractable azimuth thruster. All the thrusters will be tied together in Brunvoll’s own propulsion and thruster control system, BruCon PTC. 

The package is scheduled to be delivered in Q2 2024, and the vessel will enter into operation in 2026. 

The new vessel designed by Skipsteknisk AS shares the same designation, ST-297 CLV, as MS “Nexans Aurora”, but is improved with regards to capabilities and comfort. Total loading capacity of 14,000 tons of high voltage cables and fiber optics, and the ability to lay up to four cables at once are the key features of the vessel.

"Nexans and Skipsteknisk really challenged our R&D department on “Nexans Aurora”, with regards to both power output, performance, technical complexity, and underwater radiated noise. So, I’m very pleased that they have returned to Brunvoll for this vessel as well, which is going to be the most technologically advanced cable layer ever built," says Bernt Rune Riksfjord, VP Sales at Brunvoll.

Nexans is a global provider of power and communication cables with 28,000 employees worldwide. Nexans Norway, with its 1,600 employees, is one of the leading suppliers of subsea cables. This vessel contracted by Nexans Marine Operations will install subsea power and communication cables overseas, to offshore wind parks, and other offshore installations.

  • Brunvoll is a part of Brunvoll Holding AS and is a leading maritime system supplier. The group has extensive experience in the development, in-house production, and service of propulsion, positioning, and manoeuvring systems for advanced ocean-going vessels. 
  • Brunvoll is a Norwegian family-owned company with a high export share and excellent financial stability. 
  • The group is experiencing strong growth and achieved a turnover of approximately 1.2 billion NOK in 2022. 
  • The company was established in 1912 and has over 500 employees in Norway, located in Molde, Volda, Ålesund, Porsgrunn, and Dalen. Brunvoll is represented through a sales and service network in over 20 countries worldwide. Brunvoll's vision is "Trusted World Wide," and their values are to be responsible, reliable, and committed.  

John Inge Vikan


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