Deliver Ballast Water Management System in 34 Days

Published: 06.04.2021 kl. 10.57
MV Eastern Freesia
MV Eastern Freesia
Recently, Headway Technology Group (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. delivered OceanGuard  Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) to EGPN Bulk Carrier Co., Ltd (EGPN). It is reported that the BWMS has been installed on a 180,000 DWT bulk carrier named Eastern Freesia. 

It is worth mentioning that the system was successfully passed the commissioning test within 34 days after the contract signing. At present, affected by the lack of available docks across the globe, the delivery time has gradually become one of the factors for shipowners when selecting BWMS. Ensuring dependable quality, Headway has been able to deliver orders in an average of 45 days, and 35 days for urgent orders, to provide more flexibility for shipowners to arrange docking periods. 

As a newly acquired vessel, MV Eastern Freesia has a noticeably short window for docking.  "EGPN was hoping Headway to deliver the BWMS as fast as possible", said the Project manager of Headway, "With the optimized process, Headway completed product design, manufacturing, transportation within 2 weeks and accomplished installation, commissioning, crew training, and class acceptance in less than 20 days." With the timely delivery of the system, EGPN spoke highly of Headway team for their high efficiency and rigorous attitude through a letter of appreciation. 

The similar scenario happened not long ago with shipowners from the United Kingdoms and Norway: The two owners also requested short delivery period when signing the orders with Headway. With the cooperation of many parties, the two orders were finally delivered within 40 and 45 days respectively. 

A Headway engineer revealed the secret of high-quality delivery in a short period of OceanGuard® BWMS:
  • Independently manufacturing of Core Unit: All core units of the OceanGuard® BWMS, including the control unit, filter, and EUT unit, are independently developed and produced by Headway. The entire production process is not affected by the supply cycle. 
  • – Standardization of design and production process: Each core unit of the OceanGuard® BWMS has achieved strict standardization of product design and production processes. Headway has repeatedly sorted out the entire supply process of the product to improve the timeliness of each link, thereby shortening the delivery time. 
  • – Innovation of production planning model: Headway currently adopts a production planning model that combines the order system and the inventory sharing system: With the application of big data, Headway is able to predict future orders and pre-produce core units of conventional products based on the algorithm. At the same time, Headway can customize products according to the different needs of customers. The combination of the two factors further shortens the production cycle and can flexibly respond to the different delivery time.
  • – Setting up emergency "special forces": For urgent orders, Headway will set up a team on time, which can coordinate various parties in a noticeably short time to shorten the supply cycle and meet the customer's delivery requirements under the premise of ensuring product quality. 

OceanGuard  BWMS adopts the AEOP technology and the fully automatic back-flushing filter. It has the advantages of a single treatment and less holding-time. It is also not affected by the salinity, temperature, or turbidity of the water. At the same time, OceanGuard  BWMS has successively obtained recognition of nearly 20 major classification societies and flag states. The market share ranks among the top in the world.

John Inge Vikan



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