Full propulsion package from Schottel for Edda Wind’s new CSOVs

Published: 26.07.2023 kl. 08.41
The series of four Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) built by the Norwegian Vard Group will be powered by full propulsion packages from Schottel.
The series of four Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) built by the Norwegian Vard Group will be powered by full propulsion packages from Schottel.
The series of four Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) built by the Norwegian Vard Group will be powered by full propulsion packages from Schottel. The package per vessel consists of two Schottel Dynamic RudderPropellers type SRP 460 D, one Schottel Retractable RudderPropeller type SRP 380 R, and two Schottel TransverseThrusters type STT 5. 

With these new vessels, Edda Wind, the Norwegian pure-play operator in the offshore wind industry, will significantly expand its fleet, especially given the option for 2+2 more ships in addition to the four ordered.

“Being part of the Edda Wind fleet fills us with great pride,” says Schottel CEO Stefan Kaul. “It also validates our strategy of developing products with a close eye on both our customers and their customers’ needs and requirements.” 

He continues: “This strategy is reflected in the complete Schottel propulsion concept we are able to supply for this project. With its individual components, the package is specifically tailored to the needs of a CSOV, where precise manoeuvrability and crew comfort are essential, and the performance of the propulsion system is crucial for the time window in which to operate. We are confident that the solution we offer is perfectly suited to this application.” 

The full propulsion package with highly advanced features supports Vard’s high demands in the vessels’ technical supremacy as well as in sustainability. These demands include a minimized DP footprint for enhanced accuracy and fuel savings, a reasonable use of available space thanks to the compact design with an integrated prime mover (“embedded L-Drive”) and the utmost efforts to reduce the cause and transmission of structure-borne noise for improved crew comfort. 

The scope of supply for each ship consists of: 
  • 2x Schottel Dynamic RudderPropellers
    • Each of the two SRP-Ds has an input power of 2,000 kW and a propeller diameter of 2,600 mm. The SRP-D represents the dynamic fast-response propulsion solution for highly demanding offshore applications. It is the latest evolution of one of the world’s most sophisticated azimuth thrusters.
    • The SRP-D’s propeller shaft with an eight-degree tilt reduces the interaction between the propulsion units as well as between the unit and hull, resulting in increased propulsion efficiency. In addition to this, the thruster features numerous improvements, including reduced propeller acceleration/deceleration times and a high-speed azimuth steering system with reinforced gear components, which achieves double the rotational speed. The impact on DP performance with the SRP-D dynamic properties was proven within a time domain level three analysis commissioned by classification society DNV. 
  • 1x Schottel Retractable RudderPropeller 
    • The SRP 380 R with an input power of 1,500 kW features a propeller diameter of 2,200 mm. It facilitates maximum manoeuvrability, high propulsion power and precise dynamic positioning. Similar to the SRP-D, the retractable thruster for the Edda Wind CSOV series is equipped with a propeller shaft with an eight-degree tilt. When retracted, the SRP-R functions as a 360-degree steerable propulsion unit. 
  • 2x Schottel TransverseThrusters
    • The two STT 5s (1,400 kW, 2,500 mm propeller diameter) with elastically mounted well installation and an optimized propeller design guarantee greater comfort and reduced noise and vibration emissions in order to fulfil the ship’s comfort class notation. The STT’s particularly low-vibration design helps the Edda Wind vessel series to excel in maximum comfort while maintaining high DP capability.

The vessels have been designed by Vard Design in Ålesund, Norway in cooperation with and exclusively for Edda Wind. They feature Vard’s new hull form for optimized seakeeping abilities and low fuel consumption. Two of the CSOVs are scheduled for delivery in Q1 2025. The hulls will be built by Vard in Romania, while the final outfitting, commissioning and delivery will be completed at one of Vard’s shipyards in Norway. The two other vessels, scheduled for delivery in Q2 2025 and Q1 2026, will be built and delivered by Vard Vung Tau in Vietnam. In addition to the four vessels, the agreement has options for 2+2 additional vessels.

The new-builds in the Vard 4 25 design will be used by wind turbine technicians performing commissioning and maintenance work on offshore wind turbines. Each CSOV will have 101 cabins to accommodate up to 120 persons. All newly built vessels are prepared for zero-emissions operation utilizing a liquid organic hydrogen carrier and/or methanol direct injection as an energy source.

  • The Schottel Group, with its headquarters in Spay/Rhine, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of steerable propulsion systems for ships and offshore applications. 
  • Founded in 1921, the company has been developing and manufacturing azimuth propulsion and complete propulsion systems with power ratings of up to 30 MW for vessels of all sizes and types for more than 70 years. 
  • Around 100 sales and service locations worldwide ensure customer proximity

John Inge Vikan


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