Heerema and Techcross signs contract

Published: 08.01.2021 kl. 09.20
Heerema H-851
Heerema H-851
Techcross and Heerema Marine Contractors, who owns the world’s largest semi-submersible crane vessels in the offshore energy industry, have signed a contract to install Techcross’ ECS in six special vessels and barges, after its delivery of two sets of ECS 6000B to the European largest HLV (Heavy Lift Vessel) in November. 

It is critical that Techcross and its products are strengthening advantage over large capacity vessels as well as the superior position in European market through successive orders from the three largest global offshore mega carriers, mainly in Northern Europe.

The contracted vessels are two semi-submersible crane vessels and four barges. These vessels are designed to transport, lift and install heavy cargo on various coasts distributed around the world. The Techcross products to be installed are each ECS 3000B, ECS 2000B, ECS 1000B in one set to two sets or four sets installed on a single vessel. One of these vessels applied 12,000 tons of capacity (maximum), showing Techcross’ outstanding performance on large vessels.

This project was carried out carefully enough to review manufacturers from the beginning of this year and Techcross ECS was selected as the final product. It means that ECS received credit for its easy installation, treatment performance in huge capacity, as well as convenient AS service network can be provided anytime, anywhere. The products contracted this time will be delivered sequentially from February next year and will be completed by November 2021.

“We are happy to win large orders ahead of the end of 2020. This project is expected to be a good promotion for shipping companies operating similar type of vessels in Europe in the future, as the largest special vessel carrier in Northern Europe chose Techcross,” said a Techcross sales representative.

John Inge Vikan