Karstensen to build new Pelagic Trawler

Published: 18.12.2020 kl. 12.11 | Updated: 22.12.2020 kl. 19.44
Karstensen to build new pelagic trawler. Ill: Karstensen.
Karstensen to build new pelagic trawler. Ill: Karstensen.
Altaire Fishing Co Ltd has placed an order for a 79,95 m Pelagic Trawler newbuilding with Karstensen Shipyard. The vessel will carry the proud name “Altaire” and will sail from her homeport of Collafirth, Shetland Islands, UK.

The new vessel will operate along the same pattern as the existing vessel, with a traditional pelagic trawl fishery, where crew safety and quality of catches are of primary importance, complimented by modern designs and low exhaust emissions. 

Karstensen Shipyard is extremely proud of this new order, which continues long standing working relations with Altaire owners. Present and previous vessels carrying the “Altaire” name have been steady customers at Karstensens for maintenance and repair works for many years.
Returning and loyal customers is the best stamp any shipyard can get, as confirmation of their quality and business approach.

The design, specification and arrangements of  “Altaire” is a result of an extensive and close cooperation between Owners and Yard, where all details are tailor made to suit Owners exact specifications. 

The focus has been on optimizing catch quality and hygiene, to allow the new “Altaire” to land first class quality pelagic fish. Working environment, safety and comfort for the crew, has also been major issues during design works.
Most main suppliers are already chosen, and many represent repeats of owners previous choices of suppliers, such as Wartsila and Karmøy Winch, giving testimony to satisfaction with these products.

New “Altaire” is scheduled for delivery in May 2023.

John Inge Vikan


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