Tersan Shipyard to build ferrries for Fjord1

Published: 08.06.2021 kl. 10.43 | Updated: 08.06.2021 kl. 11.38
Tersan to build two new ferries for Fjord 1. Illustration: Tersan.
Tersan to build two new ferries for Fjord 1. Illustration: Tersan.
Tersan Shipyard Inc. has been awarded as the builder of two sister eco-friendly Car and Passenger Ferries to be built for Fjord1 ASA.

Designed by HAV Design AS of Norway, 84 meters long and 16.3 meters wide ferries will have a capacity of 248 passengers (including crew), 80 cars and 6 trailers. The two ferries are designed to comprise battery propulsion with fast charging batteries from shore during the disembarkation of passengers. In line with the latest environmental demands, the ferries are also arranged with a diesel-electric back up system and they can operate in fully electric mode, hybrid mode and diesel-electric mode.

The sister ferries which will operate between Stranda – Liabygda (NB1113) and Eidsdal – Linge (NB1114) routes, will be constructed to provide effective, comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly transport, loading & unloading of cars and passengers.

Tersan Shipyard has successfully delivered six 100 % electric ferries to Fjord1 ASA from 2017 until today. The seventh ferry, which to be named as Rødvenfjord is still under construction and getting ready for the delivery. NB1113 and NB1114 will be the eighth and ninth vessel which Tersan Shipyard will build for Fjord1 ASA as proof of a long-term cooperation. The new ferries are planned to be delivered in the second quarter of 2023.

Tersan is one of Turkey’s largest new building shipyard employing almost 5500 people in two shipyards, in Istanbul and in Yalova and with a track record of building more than 90 ships. The yard is specialized in building technologically advanced offshore, fishing and other types of vessels for their international customers, mostly from Northern Europe. Tersan is a diversified shipbuilder whom has gained considerable experience in building of LNG and battery operated vessels besides number of value-added niche new-built ships of many types and sizes. 

Tersan has been awarded as the export leader of Turkey in its new shipbuilding sector seven consecutive years.

John Inge Vikan



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