Vard has signed a contract for two hybrid CSOV

Published: 24.10.2023 kl. 10.38
Vard 4 19 | CSOV for ASSC/SeaRenergy |Length of 87.5 meters | Accommodation for 120 POB
Vard 4 19 | CSOV for ASSC/SeaRenergy |Length of 87.5 meters | Accommodation for 120 POB
Vard and Windward Offshore, a consortium, currently under establishment and led by ASSC´s offshore arm SeaRenergy Group in Germany are pleased to announce that they have signed a contract for the design and construction for two hybrid Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV). The parties have also agreed on an option for two additional vessels.

The partners driving Windward Offshore's innovative venture are industry leaders: SeaRenergy Offshore Holding GmbH, Blue Star Group GmbH & Cie. KG, Diana Shipping Inc., and SeraVerse GmbH. Together, they are united by a shared vision of pioneering excellence in the offshore wind sector.

This groundbreaking collaboration marks Windward Offshore's maiden project with Vard, a testament to the partners' extensive experience in diverse newbuilding projects. While they boast a robust track record in various asset classes, this endeavor signifies their initial foray into the specialized CSOV/SOV segment. These cutting-edge CSOVs are poised to support energy majors globally in constructing, commissioning, and maintaining offshore wind parks.

SeaRenergy was established in 2010 and is the Offshore Wind Services Arm of the Rickmers family. The SeaRenergy service portfolio comprises Engineering, QHSE and Marine Services as well as Offshore Professionals, covering the whole life cycle of an offshore wind project from early planning through installation to operation, maintenance, and repair. Together with ASSC, the shipping arm of the Rickmers family, SeaRenergy takes an important step one its path to Europe’s leading providers of comprehensive services to the offshore wind industry.

BACK TO 2015 
The partnership between Vard and SeaRenergy dates back to 2015 when they began exploring SOV projects. Over the years, Vard has garnered an impressive track record in designing and constructing CSOVs and SeaRenergy Service teams have been working on almost all sailing SOVs on numerous offshore wind projects.

Dr. Benjamin Vordemfelde, CEO of SeaRenergy Group says: “The work both companies have invested, now gives result when we enter a partnership on renewable tonnage, combining Vard’s ship building excellence and SeaRenergy’s firsthand working experience with CSOV on numerous offshore wind projects.”

“While the changes in the political framework have fostered the entry of new developers into the offshore wind market, the investment activities in the Offshore Wind infrastructure are still by far too low. ASSC has now decided to -again- be a first mover in this field to ensure availability of attractive vessel capacity in 2025 and beyond, when the wind farm projects currently under planning and permitting will be installed and commissioned.”

Clasen Rickmers, owner of SeaRenergy and The Asian Spirit Steamship Company GmbH & Cie. KG says. “I am proud to be able to manage the development of our fleet together with Vard. I am convinced of the potential of this investment and cannot emphasize enough that this strategic move enables us to provide customers and partners with state-of-the-art and future-proof offshore wind tonnage”.

Mrs. Semiramis Paliou, Director and CEO of Diana Shipping Inc. stated: “We are excited to announce our entry into a new sector of the shipping industry through a strategic partnership involving the acquisition of two CSOV vessels. We view this investment as another attestation to

our commitment for a greener and more sustainable future. Together with our esteemed partners, we embark on an exciting journey that should contribute to a cleaner and more eco-friendly world.”

The Vard 4 19 design is a highly all-round platform for sustainable offshore windfarm support operations, focusing on onboard logistics, security, comfort, and superior operability.

The 87.5-meter vessels have a beam of 19.5 meters and will be equipped with a height-adjustable motion-compensated gangway with elevator system, and a height-adjustable boat landing system. To achieve energy-efficient and smart operations at sea, with the goal of reducing fuel consumption, the vessels will be outfitted with a comprehensive SeaQ package from Vard Electro that includes systems and solutions for Power, Control, Bridge, and Communication. The vessels are also prepared for operation on green methanol. The CSOVs will have an accommodation for 120 persons on board.

– We are proud that Windward Offshore/SeaRenergy chose Vard as their partner when deciding to enter the CSOV/SOV market. Vard enables sustainable business at sea and aims to lead the green and technological transition in maritime operations. This partnership with ASSC/SeaRenergy shows that we are on our way to achieve these goals. We welcome Windward Offshore/SeaRenergy into the offshore and specialized vessels market and thank them for the opportunity. We look forward to continuous collaboration, says Alberto Maestrini, CEO in Vard.

The Group’s high technology subsidiary Vard Electro is also involved in the project through deliveries of SeaQ equipment and solutions. Vard Interiors is delivering HVAC-R and interior concepts.

Runar Vågnes, Senior Vice President Sales Vard says:

Together with the SeaRenergy team Vard has tailored the new CSOVs of Vard 4 19 design to be attractive vessels for crew and clients, adding another chapter to their story in the maritime industry as they enter a new market. Jointly we are now following up on our strategies to meet the world growing energy needs in a sustainable way. Smarter and more sustainable vessels are the top priority for both our customers and Vard.

The vessels are designed by Vard Design in Ålesund Norway. The first hull will be built in one of Vard’s shipyards in Romania, while the final outfitting, commissioning and delivery will be carried out by one of Vard’s shipyards in Norway. The second hull will be built in Vietnam.

The first hybrid CSOV for Windward Offshore/SeaRenergy is scheduled for delivery in Q2 2025.

Technical specifications:
  • Length of 87.5 meters and beam of 19.5 meters
  • Height-adjustable motion-compensated gangway with elevator system
  • Height-adjustable boat landing system
  • Battery hybrid system
  • Prepared for operation on green methanol

  • Vard is one of the major global designers and shipbuilders of specialized vessels. Headquartered in Norway and with approximately 8,000 employees, Vard operates shipbuilding facilities in Norway, Romania, Brazil and Vietnam. 
  • Through its specialized subsidiaries, Vard develops power and automation systems, deck handling equipment, and vessel accommodation solutions, and provides design and engineering services to the global maritime industry. 
  • Vard’s long shipbuilding traditions, cutting-edge innovation and technology coupled with its global operations and track record in constructing complex and highly customized vessels have earned it recognition from industry players and enabled it to build strong relationships with its customers. 
  • Fincantieri Oil & Gas S.p.A, a wholly owned subsidiary of FINCANTIERI S.p.A. 
  • Headquartered in Trieste, Italy, is majority shareholder of Vard with around 98 % of the shares.
  • FINCANTIERI is one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups, and a global leader in cruise ship design and reference player in all high-tech shipbuilding industry sectors.
  •  With over 230 years of history and more than 7,000 ships built, the Group today has a production network of 18 shipyards operating in four continents and over 20,000 employees. 
SeaRenergy & ASSC: 
  • SeaRenergy was established in 2010 and is the Offshore Wind Services Arm of the Rickmers family.
  • The SeaRenergy service portfolio comprises Engineering, QHSE and Marine Services as well as Offshore Professionals, covering the whole life cycle of an offshore wind project from early planning through installation to operation, maintenance, and repair. 
  • ASSC is rooted in the shipping heritage of the Rickmers family investing in various businesses.
  • Creating new assets through innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as well as preserving and developing existing assets. 
  • ASSC manages a wide range of investments and holdings in the fields of shipping, offshore wind, real estate and other profitable sectors found in growing markets around the globe. 

Blue Star: 
  • Established in 2018, Blue Star Group is an investment management firm for institutional investors, offering project development, structuring and ongoing asset management in the shipping industry.
  • Core to the investment strategy is to drive the fuel transition and shape the energy transition of global maritime transport as well as energy infrastructure. 
  • With a focus in asset backed business models, Blue Star Group also invests in business ventures in diverse areas of the maritime economy, shipping, and logistics, in particular aiming to identify and support projects with a clear decarbonization objective and strategy. 

 Diana Shipping Inc.: 
  • Diana Shipping Inc. is a global provider of shipping transportation services through its ownership and bareboat charter-in of dry bulk vessels. 
  • The Company’s vessels are employed primarily on short to medium-term time charters and transport a range of dry bulk cargoes, including such commodities as iron ore, coal, grain and other materials along worldwide shipping routes. 

  • Serafin and SeraVerse, founded by Philipp Haindl, are invested in diversified portfolios across the industrial and non-industrial sectors respectively.
  •  SeraVerse, focusing on the non-industrial/venture segment, operates under the principle of "Empowering Ventures,” and is actively engaged in financial asset management, wealth management, TV & media, and private equity. 
  • By continuously evaluating new business partnerships and offering a robust service range, SeraVerse aims to foster long-term growth and innovation in future-proof industries. 

John Inge Vikan


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