Maritimt Magasin

12 issues - 1500,-

Get detailed reviews of new industry vessels and the latest news from the maritime industry every month. Maritimt Magasin contains, among other things, articles on cruise, shipping, offshore, aquaculture, order lists,, contracts, research and technology.

Maritimt Magasin Historie

4 issues - 300,-

A richly illustrated magazine for everyone who loves maritime history. Including some of the top authors in the Nordic countries such as Mauritz S. Mortensen, Roald Evensen, Bård Kolltveit, Vidar Lund, Ulf Blom, Bjørn Hansen and Karl Erik Larsen.


The first issue arrives aprox. 1 month after ordering. The subscription is active until cancelled. Maritimt Magasin reserves the right to approve all orders. All prices are including VAT in NOK.

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